Personal Protective Equipment (HP-COPPE) by HOSPIBUY

INR 950.00

Designed to protect you against harmful viruses, bacteria, infections and to prevent contact with infectious agent or body fluid

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PPE Kit Consists Of : 

1. Protective Suit ( 60+20 gsm non-woven poly laminated Coverall with Hood) -1

2. Face shield - 1

3.Safety glasses - 1

4. Leg Cover - 1 pair

5. 3 ply Mask with nose pin - 2 no's

6. Nitrile gloves - 1 pair


1. Protective Suit

The gown is impermeable, which means it does not let any fluid etc to pass through it. This full length gown has attached shoe covers and features full sleeves with elastic cuffs for extra safety. It is also free size and disposable. Reuse in paramedical staff only. To re-use the bodysuit, place it in a container with disinfectant before wearing it again.

2. Nitrile Gloves :

These nitrile surgical gloves are powder-free, and to easy wear. They are also sterile making them safe to use. These gloves should not be used more than once and should be disposed off properly after use.

3. 3 Ply mask

The surgical mask features high-level static filtration to effectively block bacteria’s while breathing. It should be disposed of after use.

4. Safety glasses

The flexible frame of goggles should provide good seal with the skin of the face, covering the eyes and the surrounding areas and even accommodating for prescription glasses. 

5. Leg Cover

Shoe covers should be made up of impermeable fabric to be used over shoes to facilitate personal protection and decontamination.