SMARTCARE Height Adjustable Anti Shock Walking Stick with 4 Leg and L Shape Handle (SY-WC69) by SMART CARE

INR 905.00

Disorders Injury or disorder of spine Stroke Chronic of knee. Enhanced stability, Strong and durable. Rigid Support Universal Fit and Adjustable Support.

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The Walking Sticks is perfect aid senior persons as it provides them the support to walk. It has an elegant look and a durable design. Walking sticks for old people. Height adjustment feature ensures proper load bearing. Simple walking stick a walking aid to give extra stability during walk to very weak or very old or physically challenged individuals. Made out of special grade of material to ensure strength, durability and light weight. • Quadripod Base : Suction bush for better grip on any surface • Size : Increase or decrease as per correct size. • Handle with Wrist Strap : Comfortable handle with wrist strap that distributes weight evenly • Ideal For : Perfect walking and support companion for elderly & disabled. • Stability : Four leg design for better stability • Adjustable Height : Length can be adjusted telescopically