SMARTCARE Portable Height Adjustable Commode Chair with Commode Pot and Wheel - SC 696 (SY-WC13) by SMART CARE

INR 3,265.00

Height Adjustable. Rear One With Pedal Brake. 3'Castor. Chrome Plated Steel Folding Commode Chair.

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Easily Transport Your Loved Ones or Patients To and From the Shower and The Commode While Giving Them The Comfort They Deserve • Shower transfers • Commode transfers • Those who cannot stand for long periods in the shower • Those recovering from surgery or injuries • SMARTCARE PADDED TOILET SEAT FEATURES: • 2 in 1 functionality as it is also an effective commode chair • Large wheels move easily across floors and carpets • Comfortable padded vinyl seat is a relief to sit on • Arm rests help your loved one or patient sit and rise easily, while offering stability while showering. • Assembly is easy with provided tools