Smart Care Lightweight Wheelchair With Detachable Footrest And Armrest SC903 (SY-WC48) by SMART CARE

INR 8,270.00

Foldable Wheelchair features both side brakes, detachable footrest and armrest, comfy seat. Wheelchairs for seniors are durable. Whether traveling to any other city or place, these lightweight wheelchairs can be folded and kept in the car for easy storage

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Features • SMART CARE wheelchairs for seniors feature handbrakes for convenience and ease. This lightweight wheelchair is foldable. • Dimensions - 79*25*88 cm; Chrome powder plated wheelchairs lightweight feature soft arm pads which indeed offers utmost of comfort to the patient. • Items included with the product - Wheelchair, Weight capacity- 100 Kgs. Folding wheelchair is durable and sturdy. • Portable- As mentioned above, this lightweight wheelchair is foldable, this states that it can be carried along anywhere. It can be easily stored in the car. • Comfort is synonymous to SMART CARE wheelchairs; its super comfy seat adds more to the value. • Comfy Seat : Comfort is synonymous to SMARTCARE wheelchairs; its super comfy seat adds more to the value. • Detachable Armrest : Full detachable armrests offer great convenience to transfer from the wheelchair. • Lightweight Wheelchairs : Lightweight Wheelchairs help you get around easier while offering some basic options to individually configure your custom wheelchair. These mobility wheelchairs are ideal if you have a short-term need for a wheelchair or if mobility is limited due to age or progression of a physical limitation.