SMARTCARE Lightweight Durable Portable Reclining Wheelchair SC902GC (SY-WC08) by SMART CARE

INR 9,839.00

Reclining Wheelchair features head and neck support and Calf support for added comfort. The chair boast of movable armrest and elevating footrest, A well padded thigh support helps the user thigh's during reclining,

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The front and the rear wheels are designed and placed in such a way so as to support the users weight during reclining, The Pneumatic rear wheels help the movement of the chair on any surface. • SMART CARE wheelchairs for seniors feature cushion seat for convenience and ease. This lightweight wheelchair is foldable. • Dimensions -97*32*87 cm; Chrome powder plated wheelchairs lightweight feature soft arm pads which indeed offers utmost of comfort to the patient. • Items included with the product - Wheelchair, Weight capacity- 100 Kgs. Folding wheelchair is durable and sturdy. • Portable- As mentioned above, this lightweight wheelchair is foldable, this states that it can be carried along anywhere. It can be easily stored in the car. • Detachable Foot Rest :In Wheelchair, there are two Footrest which helps to keep your foot on footrest • RECLINE SERIES : SMARTCARE is a standard version of recline series, especially designed for long-term users. It’s full detachable armrests and elevating leg rest offer great convenience to transfer. The ergonomic headrest and adjustable backrest allow users to sit and lie down comfortably. • Front Wheel : 10 cm 2 Front Mac Wheel.