Smart Care Adult Under Pads Large Size 60 * 90Cm For Day & Night Use 30 Pcs (SY-D-11) by SMART CARE

INR 902.00

SMARTCARE Fluff Underpads are a disposable absorbent product designed to provide secondary leakage protection to protect beds, chairs and other surfaces. Locking in wetness, the moisture-proof barrier offers superior backup protection.

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SMARTCARE Fluff Underpads help protect beds, chairs, and other furniture from accidental spills for an additional degree of protection. Locking in wetness to protect surfaces, the moisture-proof barrier offers secondary protection, along with the use of protective underwear and briefs. Use overnight for extra strong construction that resists stretching and tearing even when wet. Place a pad on the furniture surface to expose the absorbent layer. SMARTCARE Underpads are designed to provide effective, secure protection against leakage associated with urge and mixed incontinence. A moisture-proof barrier helps keep beds, chairs and other surfaces dry, with extra-strong construction that is durable even when wet. The pad features a poly backing that grips surfaces securely to prevent sliding. Strong enough for overnight use, SMARTCARE Underpads are available in a range of styles and absorbencies. Bladder leakage can affect anyone at different stages in life for a number of reasons. From pads to briefs, SMARTCARE has a range of products to meet light to heavy needs. SMARTCARE offers reliable, discreet, and comfortable bladder leakage products designed to help you or your loved ones go on about the day feeling confident, secure and protected. YOUR WELLNESS IS OUR DESIRE : • SMARTCARE is your partner in bladder leakage management. • Moisture-proof barrier helps keep beds, chairs and other surfaces dry. • Extra-strong construction is durable even when wet. • Strong enough for overnight use. • Incontinent patients who wish to protect their beds. • Dog and cat training pads. • Disposable baby changing table. • Super absorbent and maxi care bed under pad: For adults, medical, Incontinence group, etc