Sandpuppy Cold Strapper Cooling Pack For Pain Relief (AW-SPCSR) by AFFERENT WEARABLE TECH PVT. LTD.

INR 311.00

A long lasting SandPuppy gel. Quick cooling gel. Unique strap mechanism. Premium fabric to strap and hold the gel

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For Athletes: Pain and injuries are common for athletes. When the excitement of a win or a finish line makes us give the best, it leaves a trail of a few aches, sore muscles and ligaments and a lot of sweat. SandPuppy Coldstrap when applied within 24 hours, takes over the job of soothing these sore muscles and ligaments to give immediate relief. SandPuppy coldstrap is uniquely designed to strap around the parts of your body that need healing. The feel of a hug and cold sensation will relax sore muscles very fast. For Injuries/Post operative Injuries which is fresh and immediate is called acute injuries. During acute injuries, blood rushes to the area and so the area turns red and sometimes swells. In a way, it’s a defensive reaction of the body. In this condition, our first aim will be to reduce the reaction of the body towards the injury. To reduce the reaction, we need to reduce the swelling and the redness to the area. So, if we need to do this we must produce vasoconstriction and reduce the blood supply to the area. In this case, coldstrap will help better as it reduces the blood supply to the area. It will also make the area numb by reducing the stimulus and thus producing a soothing effect to the area. Features 1. A long lasting sandPuppy gel : SandPuppy uses proprietary formulation that lasts 45 minutes in the recommended temperature range 4 to 14 degree celsius. It’s 3 times when compared with normal cooling gels available. 2. Quick cooling gel 3. Unique strap mechanism 4. Premium fabric to strap and hold the gel Benefits A. Unique strapping mechanism allows relaxation of different muscles and pain areas B. Long lasting relief, a 2 hour cooling in a refrigerator allows 45 minutes of usage (as per tests conducted in our lab) C. Strapping mechanism allows compression to hold and soothe muscles