Sandpuppy Strapper Wireless heat therapy for Knee, Neck, Elbow and Ankle joints

INR 1,205.00

An unique product to get instant relief from joint pain. Applicable for all the joints with easy to use strapping mechanism. Wireless Heat Therapy. Portable and easy to use. Movable Therapy Device. Switch operated heat control.


After a tiring day, a hot shower, a cup of hot tea or a warm robe makes us feel comforted. There is a reason for it, heat relaxes muscles, improves flood flow and creates a comfort feeling. SandPuppy Strappr does the same in a modern and unique way!!! Beat it with heat For relief from joint pains, fitness experts strongly recommend surface heat therapy. Application of heat relaxes muscles, warms up and lubricates the joints before activity and even ease a muscle spasm. What’s more, heat therapy is non-invasive and non-chemical, making it absolutely safe for everyone. Introducing SandPuppy strappr, a portable heat applicator for those niggling joint aches. Its compact form factor and snug fit has been especially designed for those who live the agile and athletic life. Made with soft, Velcro fabric, strappr can be easily wrapped around wrists, elbows, knees, thigh and even the neck. Just strap it on the aching joint using the wrap band, connect to a power bank and feel the soothing comfort of heat as you carry on with your day. And soon enough, you are ready to run again, hit the grounds or smashing aces with your racket. Because strappr gets you going. It is a must-have fitness accessory in your kit. How to use strappr 1. Place the pad on the aching joint or muscle and strap it around using the wrap band. 2. Plug the USB inside the power bank 3. Turn on the Controller power switch by pressing hard for 5 seconds 4. Control the heat by pressing the switch, red means very hot, white means medium hot and blue means low heat. Adjust to your comfort and let the joint or muscle relax 5. After every use, recharge the power bank with your phone charger Features • A proprietary infra-red heating element • Portable and easy to carry • An unique strapping mechanism to wrap around intricate joints • A long lasting rechargeable battery • Switch operated heat control Benefits • Deep penetrative heat to relax joints and muscles • Adjustable heat levels to one’s comfort • Keep doing your work while soothing an aching joint