DYNA® Comfort Ankle Support (DY-1203) by DYNAMIC TECHNO MEDICALS

INR 144.00

Dyna Ankle support relieves ankle pain and provides the optimal support to the ankle while ensuring a full range o motion

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You need strong ankles while running, jumping or playing more demanding sports because they support the rest of your body. Weak ankles provide improper support and are more prone to injury. This is common among Athletes and active people in general. And when an injury happens, you might want a good ankle brace to relieve some of the pain. Ankle Supports or braces not only provide stability but also provide support as you recover after a sugery or injury. Ankle braces can help avoid injuries such as sprained or twisted ankles. They also keep the ankle and foot straight and supported.

 If you have weak ankles or have injured your ankle, wearing ankle supports can help compress and stabilize your ankle. Wearing ankle support is particularly helpful if you have sprained your ankle in the past. The main purpose of the ankle support is to prevent ankle from re-injuring , helps you to remain active and mobile and also helps to reduce the swellina.

Dyna comfort ankle support is great for keeping the swelling down and works for jogging or everyday activity. It can also be worn following a minor sprain, where the key objective is in controlling inflammation in order to enhance mobility. They work fine for Grade 1 sprains. Dyna comfort functional ankle support is designed to support your ankle, enhance balance and reduce swelling while still allowing range of motion necessary for daily functions and sport activities.This will also helps to keep the ankle joint warm and decrease muscle stiffness.

Technical Details:

  • Designed to provide warmth and support to the ankle
  • Designed for proper fit with minimal slipping or bunching.
  • It allows a full range of movements, provides stability and reduces chances of injury.