DYNA® Comfort Ankle Binder (DY-1204) by DYNAMIC TECHNO MEDICALS

INR 239.00

Dyna comfort ankle binder have a sleeve made of stretchable fabric providing mild compression and a elastic wrap design providing added stability to the ankle.,

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General Details.,

You might need a firmer support if you play more demanding sports or have a history of twisting your ankle. And where there is instability in the joint then an ankle binder can be used to offer stability in conjunction with compression. Wearing ankle supports can help compress and stabilize your ankle and is also helpful if you have sprained your ankle in the past. The main purpose of the ankle binder is to prevent ankle from re-injuring , helps you to remain active and mobile and also helps to reduce the swelling.

Dyna comfort ankle binder is made of elastic wrap and a compression sleeve. The four-way stretchable compression sleeve provides gentle compression which pushes extra swelling from the ankle. Elastic wrap in model improves ankle stability. Dual action support improves ankle stability and prevents further injury.

Double action design helps in prevention of inversion or aversion injuries. The strap provided acts as external ligament and minimize the risk of the ankle rolling thereby reducing further damage. And the elastic strap will also allows you to properly tighten and adjust the brace during activity, for a proper fit. An ankle brace that does not fit properly will simply not be very effective at preventing injuries or helping you recover from one.

Technical Details.,           

  • Anatomically contoured shape
  • Elastic wrap in model improves ankle stability
  • Light weight and 4 way stretchable material offers intermittent massaging action