DYNA® Knee Cap Regular Pair (DY-1229) by DYNAMIC TECHNO MEDICALS

INR 234.00

Dyna Knee Cap Regular helps to alleviate pain and reduce swelling. It is designed to provide support during routine physical exertion.

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Knee pain is caused due to a variety of reasons like injuries, arthritis, and other problems. Knee pain can affect your lifestyle by restricting free movement. And surgery may not be the best solution. A knee cap is best recommended in such conditions. Dyna knee cap helps you to lead an active life without compromising on your lifestyle habits.

Dyna Knee Cap Regular is designed for proper fit with minimal slipping or bunching. It allows a full range of movements, provides stability and reduces chances of injury. The anatomical shape keeps the knee cap in place allowing you to focus on your work. Slip-on design makes it easy to wear and remove.


  • Designed in anatomical shape to avoid slipping and bunching
  • Special knitting on the knee region relieves excess pressure over the patella bone
  • Lightweight and 4-way stretchable material offers intermittent massaging action
  • Provides flexibility and comfort without limiting the range of motion when on or off the field