DYNA® ROM Elbow Brace

INR 1,629.00

ROM Elbow Brace is a versatile and easy to apply elbow brace that allows for the step by step recovery of elbow joint. It has a flexion-extension setter which controls and restricts the degree of flexion and extension of the elbow joint.



  • Easy to operate flexion and extension setter for desired range of motion
  • Universal design which can be adjusted with lift and drop flaps
  • Adjustable biceps and wrist cuffs with soft cushion provides grip on the arm
  • Adjustable and customizable soft straps with hook and loop
  • Fasteners helps in easy application and removal
  • Adjustable sling with soft shoulder pad for the additional support of the arm


  • Post surgical immobilization of elbow
  • Treatment for stiffness of the elbow joint
  • Ligament injuries of elbow joint
  • Instability in elbow or upper limb fractures
  • Collateral ligament reconstruction