Sand Filled offline electric heating pouch Yellow

INR 429.00

Use offline Plug in -Heat It- Remove and use.Modern Thermal Therapy Features & Advantages Sand filled offline electric heating pouch It is made in a size adequate enough to cover the respective body part/s.


Wrap it around or tie it with the help of a belt or long piece of cloth. Switch off the power supply after use. It is light weight, handy, safe and reusable A wide range of orthopedic electric heating pads of all types are available. Direction to use : • Use 230v Electric Supply Use 45 Watts On/off Or Action Of The Handy Switch Provided To Control Heat Level. (off, 1-slow, 2-fast, 3-fast) • Keep Away From Water And Sharp & Pointed Items. • It can be used for 20 Minutes Maximum at a Time. • Only to be used when Awake.