Gel Filled Keep Cool Insulin Pouch Brown

INR 607.00

Effective for use of pen injections, Medical cartridges, injection needles, vaccines and medicines which need cold chain. Ideal for out of home use / travelling Pathology labs - home visits Medical shops - home delivery


For Cold activation, keep in the Refrigerator,(not in freezer) for 30 minutes before use. Insulin, especially in diabetic care is daily and is most temperature sensitive. Maintaining the right temperature and avoiding temperature fluctuation is key factors for keeping insulin in right condition and effective. Gel filled pouch with specific compartment for Pen, additional Insulin cartridge and additional needle. The specially formulated gel keeps the temperature cool for hours even after taking off from Refrigerator. The pouches open on two sides which helps to maintain temperature. CAUTION: 1) In case of leakage dispose of the bag and gel. 2) Do not consume. 3) Keep away from children. 4) Although NON Toxic gel, some skins may be sensitive to gel. 5) Wash thoroughly with water in case of skin contact.