Gel Filled Shoe / Sandal Insoles Blue

INR 321.00

Universal size Double layers. Reusable and Long Lasting.Suitable for most Men and Women for shoes/sandals. Special extra broad size insoles available on demand. Also can be worn inside socks. Ideal for Diabetic patients, relief from cracked heels,Corns, b


• Scientifically designed and adequately gel filled for long shelf life, key pressure points, soft and soothing feel • Easily removable and replaceable Also can be washed after every use. Additional Features : Spray ANTI BACTERIAL DEODORANT before use for relief from sweating and bad odour in the feet. • For INDOOR and short time use: • The soles can be made COOL (in summer) and HOT (In Winter) for additional benefits other than cushioning. • HOT and COOL effect remains up to 30 minutes. • Cushioning, soft, soothing plus COOL comforts (ONLY INDOOR and Short period) • Ideal in summer for burning feet. • Ideal in winter for hot fomentation for painful feet. • To make the Insoles COOL — Just deep in cold water or keep in Refrigerator/ Chiller/ Ice or simply place in front of Air conditioner / Cooler for 10 minutes, wipe and use. • To make the Insoles HOT — Just deep in HOT water for 10 minutes, wipe and use. • Don't use in microwave oven • Zip lock bag provided for Hot & Cold activation. (Read the instruction printed on bag) • Caution : In case of leakage, dispose off the insoles and not consume. keep away from children. Some skins may be sensitive to the gel.