Before & After Facial Instant Hot Gel Pack Green

INR 232.00

Before & After Facial Instant Hot Gel Pack, ruseable. Super soft PVC. Non toxic gel. Multiple use. Just a click away.


Heat (Warm) therapy, works by improving blood circulation and flow to specific areas where applied. Due to an increase in temperature, the muscle repairs, relaxes and soothes and damaged tissues. On the face, specifically, with the hot temperature, facial pores open up and all toxins are sweated out. Application of the COLD pack is recommended immediately after the hot pack, as it helps pores to close and also tightens the skin. This pack also helps in delaying sagging of skin. Features of Instant Hot Gel Packs By clicking the metal disc inside the pouch. the gel quickly gets heated to adequate temperature of 55C for approximately 15-20 minutes. The Soft Gel Pouch gives HOT/WARM yet a soothing massage to the facial area. This will be better than the facial steam process (as frequent steam may cause damage to facial skin). The pack is reusable (Follow the instructions carefully). Use a zip lock bag while boiling the pc for reuse. While reusing, ensure that during boiling, each and every crystals converts into liquid. Do not be in a hurry to remove the pc from already boiling water. The PVC used in the pouch is high heat proof so do not worry about damage of the PVC while boiling Do not use Microwave Oven at any time. CAUTION: 1) In case of leakage, dispose of the bag and gel. 2) Do not consume. 3) Keep away from children. 4) Although it is a non-toxic gel, some skins may be sensitive to gel. 5) Wash thoroughly with water in case of skin contact.