PureMe Anti Pollution Anti PM2.5 Mask with Exhalation Valve (usage upto 100 hours)

INR 141.00

5-layer Anti Pollution Mask with Activated Carbon layer| Filters out dangerous PM2.5, dust, pollens and automobile gases| Exhalation Valve for breathing comfort| Foam under nose clip to provide comfort fit around nose area


PureMe Anti PM2.5 mask is a 5-layer mask with activated carbon layer to filter out dangerous PM2.5, PM10 and dust present in air. It comes with exhalation valve so that breathing becomes comfortable. Also the design and colour is attractive, ensuring you can wear it in public places without hesitation. The mask must be used in outdoor conditions only and should be avoided indoors. The life of each mask is upto 100 hours, and overall the package life is upto 200 hours. The m ask is non washable and should be disposed off after use