VoxBank ASO (40RH10250) by VOXTUR BIO LTD.

INR 770.00

VoxBank ASO is a Slide agglutination assay for the qualitative & semi-quantitative determination of the Anti- streptolysin- O antibodies in human serum

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• Simple to use test, with easy adaptability on semi & fully automated analysers • Quantitative Results in just 2 minutes, with easy interpretation • Liquid stable, ready to use calibrator • Single point calibration, with calibrators standardized against international standards • Nil interference from Bilirubin (20mg/dI), Lipemia (10 g/I) and Hemoglobin ( < 5g/I) • High prozone limit ensures accurate results without sample dilution • Latex particles enhances the sensitivity that assists in convenient estimations • Excellent correlation with Nephelometry results • Excellent reaction signal for low value samples • High specificity and sensitivity • Long shelf life of 2 years