VoxBank  Widal O & H Antigen Slide Set (50MP10010) by VOXTUR BIO LTD.

INR 560.00

VOXBANK Widal Antigen Slide Test is a killed Et stained bacterial suspension test kit, for detection of Salmonella typhi & paratyphi antibodies in human serum / plasma that helps in the diagnosis of Typhoid infection.

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• Simple to use slide agglutination test • Results in 1 minutes • In-vivo staining of Salmonella through Bio-fermenter technology • Differential detection of Salmonella typhi & paratyphi infections in a single kit • Killed bacterial suspension for enhanced reading of agglutination tests • Clear, visible and big agglutination clumps for easy interpretation, with clear background • Uniform staining and standardized immune-reactivity • Long shelf life of 2 years