DYNA® Cushioned Insoles (1 Pair) (DY- 1801) by DYNAMIC TECHNO MEDICALS

INR 339.00

Shock-absorbing insoles designed for maximum cushioning and overall comfort to your foot. Acts as a protective padding for plantar region. One size fits Most(for Shoe size of 7-12)

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General Details

Dyna Cushioned Insoles are great those who are looking for a solution for foot pain woes. They work by reinforcing the arch of the foot, while at the same time providing extra padding for the heel. Cushioned insoles will help alleviate foot pain and get you back on your feet in no time..

Technical Details

  • Made from PU foam with PU gel reinforcement
  • Moisture wicking material helps keep feet dry
  • Durable heel cushion absorbs the shock while walking
  • Can be cut to fit the foot sizes from 7 to 12 The required size can be cut as per the mark provided on the insole.
  • Fits the shape of your foot
  • Natural arch contours for stability . Ideal for all day wear .
  • Minimizing the heel slippage thereby reduce hot spots and blisters

Directions for use

  • Position the insole below the foot matching the contours and cut the required size as per the mark provided on the insole
  • Place the insole in your shoes


People who experience foot pain and tired feet from standing or walking on hard surfaces for extended periods