EASY CAST Pneumatic Walker (DY-1273 11 01) by DYNAMIC TECHNO MEDICALS

INR 6,957.00

Pneumatic walkers like °EasyCast' have been proposed as alternatives to casting for lower limb immobilisation following injury or surgery.

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Features and benefits of EasyCast pneumatic walker: • Light weight and durable shell: Provides maximum protection and support. • Hook and loop closures: For easy application and removal. • Generous foot base: Ample room for dressing without sacrificing comfort. • Non-skid rocker sole: Helps in pressure offloading and promotes a natural gait. • Collateral air cells: Provides total contact fit; Offers pneumatic compression which will reduce oedema and prevent callus formation. • Easy to use hand bulb: Allows custom inflation thereby providing desired compression level and accommodates for swollen ankle. • Detachable soft cushions: Ensure proper fit along with compression for enhanced stability.