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Dyna Inno-Life Knee Immobilizer is used to immobilize the leg after surgery or serious injury. It is a complete immobilizer with increased length, made of soft foam. The anatomically designed posterior bars are metallic and gives the desired immobilizatio

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Dyna Inno-Life Knee Immobilizer Features: • Anatomically designed, rigid splint ensures immobilization of the knee joint • Two-way opposing hook and loop closure straps provide almost 100% knee immobilization • Strap design for easy and comfortable fit • Sleek, lightweight and bilateral design can be used for both right & left leg Directions for Use: • Place the product on the posterior side of the leg, with the wider portion in the thigh region • Wrap the product around the leg and make sure that the oval shape opening comes exactly in the patellar region • Fasten the hook and loop closure just above and below the patella and then fasten the remaining hook and loop closure Indications: • Instability of the knee • For complete immobilization post injury and surgery • As an aid for independent walking for people with knee instability • Act as support for inadequate knee joint function in children