DYNA® Limited Motion Knee Brace Premium (DY-1232) by DYNAMIC TECHNO MEDICALS

INR 4,235.00

Limited Motion Knee Brace Premium is a highly user - friendly knee brace for the step - by -step recovery of the knee.

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Description • Allows range of motion(ROM at 10 degree increments • Provides desired ROM with individual angle adjustments • For controlled immobilitasation after ligament injures, knee dislocations. Joint arthroplasty • Range of motions: 1. Gently press the knob at the flexion plate and fix at revved degree keeping the extension plate at U degree • Fixed Angle Setting : 1. Fix both knobs of flexion and extension plate in the same angle 2. For Complete immobilisation fix the flexion and extension knobs at 0 degree Indications: • Post-operative immobilisation • ACL. PCL. MCL BLCL injuries • Meniscus tears • Knee dislocation • Joint Arthroplasty Size : One Size Fits Most