Venante Foot & Calf Relaxer (VSMP 003) by VISSCO

INR 21,165.00

This Venante Foot And Calf Relaxer massages the feet, ankles and calves simultaneously. It relieves sore and tired feet effectively by improving blood circulation and relaxing the leg muscles.

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Vissco Venante Foot Relaxer Acupressure foot massager comes with 4 levels of air pressure and 2 levels of heating which helps to target vital reflex points on the feet and soles, achieving positive reflexology effects • Relieves sore and tired feet effectively. • Five levels of air massage intensities. • Improves blood circulation and relaxes the entire foot. Guarantees to bring a smile !! Covers all Accu Pressure points(heels to toes). Air massage function make you more relaxed. Improves blood circulation & relaxes foot muscles.